CI Neck Beard 2 6'0"


Product Overview

The Neck Beard 2 is a classic reimagined. The hybrid shortboard design features a low entry rocker, flat tail rocker, and enough width and thickness to keep you stoked even on those gutless summertime windswell days we get almost everyday here at Wrightsville. This board has enough hold and performace to make sure you still feel comfortable with it undernearth your feet even on the tropical swells we get. This board will have you wanting to surf a shortboard on more days a year than you ever have here.

Surf City SKU 151000
Length 6'0"
Width 20 1/8"
Thickness 2 11/16"
Volume 35.9L
Construction PU
Tail Square
Fin System Futures
Fin Setup 3-fin
Added Features Carbon Tail Patches

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