CJ Nelson Designs Colapintail

May 10th 2020

The Colapintail by CJ Nelson Designs is a board we have stocked at Surf City for quite some time because it is a great one board quiver for those who love the classic single fin design. Will work on o … read more

Lost Surfboards Rocket Redux

Apr 17th 2020

Here's Mason Ho pushing the limits of what the Rocket Redux can do. This board is the real deal, as many of the OGs already know from having the first version Lost made years ago. This board is meant … read more

Rip Curl Mirage Series

Apr 2nd 2020

Rip Curl snapped and dropped an awesome, unique line. Using Mason Ho's psychedelic and retro inspirations, every piece is worth a look. Not only does it look rad, but it uses the highest tech in the m … read more

FCSII H4 Thruster Sets Have Arrived!

Apr 1st 2020

The new limited release FCSII H4 fin sets have arrived. Swiss engineered, these fins will be the most responsive fins you've ever owned. Lighter than PC Carbon, you are sure to feel a difference right … read more