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Lost 5'8" V2 Shortboard Surfboard
Lost 5'8" V2 Shortboard Surfboard

This highly anticipated new ShortBoard has proved to be as suited to the “Domesticated” surfer, as to the traveling Pro, so we make it in both PRO-FORMANCE and DOMESTICATED dimensions.

Initially a board created for myself, after being harassed by team riders to “Get off those fun-boards of yours, and ride a real board”. I set about to build an HP ShortBoard that would allow me to compete for waves in crowds and also let me surf as easily (and hopefully more radically) as on my most trusted hybrids. Starting with what I considered to be our best hybrid, the V2-Rocket, I stretched the outline into a pointy, yet conservative, nose and blended the “Rocket” tail into a wide-ish, smooth squash. The exceedingly low entry rocker, coupled with continuous and generous tail lift, made for a board that both paddled and caught waves well, but turned tight and precise in the pocket. It features a similar foil and rails as its predecessor and continues to have slight double concave deck under the rear foot (which really “locks” the surfer into place). My initial results on the first, “Domesticated”, version were so positive that I ended up surfing these boards, daily, for months straight….without reverting back to any “cheater” boards. Assuming it would work for the team also, we instantly began downsizing the design to “Pro” volume, and got them out to the boys. Positive feedback followed with instant success. In addition to winning the VQS National Champs (in Newport) Taylor Clark used his first V2-SB to win both the NSSA Mens National Title (in HB) and the U-18 US Champs Title at Lowers. Griffin Colapinto won both The U-16 US Champs, and the NSSA Boys Title in HB, on his first one as well. After these results we set out to get them under the feet of some International Pros. This resulted in Julian Wilson doing stellar surfing on a V2 at the US OPEN, and Alejo Muniz got his US Open victory on one as well. One week after the Open, Malia Manuel took down a stacked field of women’s WCT surfers at the SuperGirl 6-Star, in Oceanside. on her first V2-Shortboard. With nearly every athlete we work with carrying a V2-SB in the travel bags, it was evident the time was here to release the board to the public. We are offering the board in both standard “Stock” dims and “Domesticated” dims, or you can order with the dims from one of the many Pros listed below, who have adopted this design as one of their faves.

Assorted athlete dimensions:
· Taylor Clark – 5’11 18.88 2.20
· Griffin Colapinto – 5’6 17.63 2.06
· Julian Wilson – 5’10 18.75 2.25
· Alejo Muniz – 5’10 18.50 2.20
· Malia Manuel – 5’6 18.13 2.13
· Kolohe Andino – 5’11 18.75 2.25
· Matty Wilko – 5’10 18.88 2.32
· Brett Simpson – 6’0 18.88 2.38
· Taj Burrow – 5’9 18.38 2.25
· Evan Gieselman – 5’10 18.50 2.20
Coco Ho – 5’6 17.88 2.09 
Price: $670.00


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